3D Pioneers Challenge 2016
Where does using additive manufacturing make sense, today and in the near future? How can it be integrated on a conceptual and practical level into areas such as hybrids, the Internet of things and Industry 4.0, or help to drive them forward? Who are the pioneers of nowadays, combining the latest technologies and developing practical applications, integrating them into existing processes or creating brand new, trend-setting concepts?
The competition focused on the following verticals:

Design - Architecture - Automotive - Fashion - Medicine

The 3D Pioneers Challenge had a total of EUR 15,000 of prize money to award across the verticals.


Nano 3D Drucker
TETRA Gesellschaft für Sensorik, Robotik und Automation mbH

The 1st prize (5.000€) won the Nano 3D Drucker MBZ-2PP by 
Norman Petzold, Olaf Mollenhauer, Eric Markweg, Thomas Kowallik

The Nano 3D-Printer MBZ-2PP prints three-dimensional biopolymer structures. They are used as scaffold implants to 
improve bone growth.

Jurys comment: 
Most brilliant innovation.
Significant use of 3D printed nano-structures.

Prothese Pangolin
Clemens Rieth

The winner of the 2. Prize with 4.000€ is:
Clemens Rieth 
with his Prothese Pangolin, 
HFG Pforzheim

This project is about the design of a low-cost prosthesis. Almost the entire prosthesis is sintered.

Jurys comment:
 Perfect synthesis of bionic, individual fit and design in fashion. Too beautiful to be hidden behind dresses.

Juicy bites
Lun Yeh

The 3. Prize (3.000€) goes to 
Juicy bites. 
Lun Yeh, 
Hochschule Darmstadt

3D food-printing experience with personalized smart-snacks. It is a way of self-determination, well-being and expressing a certain lifestyle.

Jurys comment:
 Reimagines the classic kitchen aid in new way. This is vegetable combination 4.0. The designer likes the Multisensorical Experiences of Stanley Kubrick.!

Mensch Maschine
Tobias Brambor

The team of the project Mensch Maschine won the 3. Prize (3.000€)
 Tobias Brambor, Lena Popiolek, Marcus Hackner, Marius Rossenthal, Thyl Niebergall, Andrey Jefimov
, HAWK Hildesheim

The idea is simple: vehicle that are able to carry the weight of one person and are driven by a conventional power screw-driver.

Jurys comment:
 New interpretation of the "Seifenkiste" by using 3D printed, self-supporting, bionic structures.

Special Mention

Bio inspired material systems
David Correa
Climate change
Darlene Farris-LaBar
Danit Peleg
Message in a cake
Wilkens Design
Projekt Samsen
Projekt Samsen GmbH
Klaus Liese


Markus Bosl
Prof. Dr. Werner Korb, Dr. Luis Bernal
Laurent Bernadac
Parametric standardization
Jesse Kirschner
Bernstein Innovation GmbH
Matthias Leschok
Satellite Optical Unit's Bracket
Christoph Blanc Materialise
Stefanie Mueller
dental frame bridge
Digital Reality 3D System
Lucanus Cervus
Rosa Morgenstern, Jonas Schneider
Olivier Brückner
Medical Grade PEEK
Indmatec GmbH
AM for museum exhibits
Kimberly Falk
Der ForgeBrid
Rosswag GmbH
Dorothea Lang
Sven Pfeiffer
Florian Meise



Francis Bitonti

Francis Bitonti Studio

Florian Horsch

3D Druck Consulting and author

Silvia Olp

Management aed e.V

Rachel Park

Editorial services

Diana Drewes, Dr. Sascha Peters

Haute Innovation

Tom Schönherr

Managing Partner Phoenix Design Stuttgart/München/Shanghai

Joachim Stumpp

raumPROBE Managing director

Prof. Andreas Uebele

Büro Uebele

Andreas Velten

Institute for anaplastology Berlin

Christoph Völcker


Wolfgang Udo Wagner



27th Jun 2016

Präsentation im Paul-Löbe-Haus, Deutscher Bundestag Berlin mit dem Verband 3DDruck

26th Jul 2016
Vernissage „the Future of Lifestyle“

at LEXUS Forum Düsseldorf, after the Platform Fashion

22nd Sep 2016
Exhibition with VOXELWORLD

with swiss private bank PICTET AVIATION, ART & WINE Stuttgart Airport

6th Oct 2016
Exhibition with VOXELWORLD

with swiss private bank PICTET ART & WINE Essen Zeche Zollverein

25th Oct 2016 – 29th Oct 2016
ORGATEC, KölnMesse Cologne

Innovation show with smart and sustainable materials and energy harvesting solutions With Haute Innovation

8th Nov 2016 – 11th Nov 2016
Materials Revolution 2016

Trend show ofHaute Innovation on material innovations for the technical supply industry Elmia Subcontractor Trade Show, Jönköping/Sweden


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